search engine search engine is designed to take on number 1 Google

Richard Socher, an ex-chief scientist, salesforce, announced a new search engine called The search engine is designed to take on Google.

The purpose of the search engine is to offer privacy-related search results to its users. Also, he believes, the search engine sometimes offers results that are not accurate. The misinformed results from untrusted resources leave a major impact on society. different features

The search engine is currently live but is only taking registration for early access. The founder said, they will not sell your data to third-party apps or advertisers. The founder claimed search engine will offer better results and give priority real results instead of paid ones. It will also provide you the trusted reviews so that you can make decisions for complex and expensive purchases.

“We are building You can already go to it today. And it’s a trusted search engine. We want to work on having more click trust and less clickbait on the internet,” Techcrunch quoted Socher.