WhatsApp Disappearing messages

WhatsApp Disappearing messages launched: How to enable

Facebook-owned WhatsApp copied one more feature from Snapchat. The chat messenger launched a new feature called “Disappearing Messages.” The rollout will be complete by month’s end. The same feature is also available on rival messaging app Telegram.

It will allow users’ to turn on “Disappearing messages.” Once they enable the feature, the messages will auto-delete from the chat history of friends and groups after 7-days. However, recipients can save those messages on their phones. Disappearing messages are applicable for all types of media including videos, files, and photos. The feature will not apply to old messages. So even if you enabled the feature, your old messages will be retained.

If the user enabled WhatsApp Disappearing messages feature and he doesn’t open WhatsApp for 7 days, then those messages will auto-delete. However, it is possible that the preview of those messages will be available in the notification bar. But as soon as users will open WhatsApp, the messages will disappear. If the user forwarded any messages or quoted any messages then also, messages will auto-delete after 7 days.

Users can enable the feature for an individual chat while group admins can enable the feature for groups.

How to enable WhatsApp Disappearing messages feature

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone
  • Tap contact for which you want to enable the feature
  • Tap Disappearing messages and select On

WhatsApp Disappearing messages feature started rolling out on Android, iOS, Linux-based KaiOS devices, and WhatsApp desktop app. The social app is expected to complete the rollout by the end of the month.