WhatsApp 'Add to Cart'

WhatsApp ‘Add to cart’ feature goes live

Facebook-owned WhatsApp launched a new shopping feature called ‘Add to Cart.’ The WhatsApp ‘Add to cart’ feature will allow users to select multiple products at once and send them as one message to the seller. The feature is available to all the WhatsApp business accounts.

The feature is a part of Facebook’s goal of turning the messaging app into a full-fledged shopping app. With the addition of a new feature, users can now browse, select, add to cart, and pay via WhatsApp.

How to use the WhatsApp ‘Add to cart’
  • Open any WhatsApp business account
  • Browse the items and select them according to your need
  • Then tap on ‘Add to cart’
  • Once the items are added to the cart, send it as a message to the business

The seller will confirm your order. Once an order is confirmed, you can make the payment via WhatsApp Pay.

WhatsApp’s new feature will help to onboard new merchants. The company claims that nearly 175 million users account interact daily with business accounts.

To use the feature you need to update WhatsApp to the latest version. The feature is already going live in certain parts of the globe.