Twitter dislike button

Dislike button is coming soon on Twitter

Microblogging social networking app Twitter is reportedly working on a much-awaited Dislike button. The button will help to reduce harassment and toxicity from the platform.

In a conversation with cybersecurity expert Jackie Singh, Twitter product lead Kayvon Beykpour said, that company is exploring the capability to downvote or a dislike button. But it is not a priority action for Twitter.

According to Twitter, currently it is trying to solve more real problems such as:

  • Removing all coordinated inauthentic behavior.
  • Improving user experience regarding harassment and reporting.
  • Disinformation harming users.
When the Dislike Button feature is likely to be available

Since currently, the company is working on some top-priority tasks, it is expected the Dislike button feature will not available soon. But it is on the company’s list of doable tasks, we are sure, in the near future, we might see the feature on the microblogging platform. The feature may be similar to Reddit’s dislike feature.

Recently, Twitter started rolling out a feature that allows tweets to disappear after 24-hours. The feature is similar to WhatsApp and Telegram’s disappearing messages.