OnePlus Charging Stations

OnePlus Charging Stations installed at Bengaluru Airport

Premium smartphone maker OnePlus has began installed the fast charger called OnePlus Charging Stations, at the Bengaluru Airport. The charging station supports 30W Warp charging. It will install a similar fast-charging station at New Delhi Airport. OnePlus integrated the beacons into the station that allows your OnePlus device to identify the nearest charging station.

Image: OnePlus
How will OnePlus Charging Stations will help users
  • The station is specially designed for Indian users. So whenever OnePlus users will be near the charging station, they will receive a notification.
  • The feature is called Nearby Charging station and it will help them to locate a charging station at the airport.
  • the charging station will use Warp Charge 30 cable to fast charge your phone.
When the feature will rollout
  • It will roll out with the OxygenOS update.
  • The feature will work for the users having the OnePlus 6 OnePlus 7, OnePlus 8, and OnePlus Nord series.
Image: OnePlus

OnePlus wrote, “With the help of beacons integrated into the charging stations, your OnePlus device identifies charging stations nearby. You can mute them anytime if you’re stuck in the long halts at the airports.”