Netflix audio-only mode

Netflix started rolling out audio-only mode on Android

Netflix keeps adding new features to its streaming app. After rolling out picture-in-picture mode, and screen lock feature, the company started rolling out audio-only mode.

The feature will allow playing the show or movie with only audio. Once the feature will enable, the visuals will go blank and you can only listen to audio, just like a podcast. It will offer three audio options- ‘Always On’, ‘Headphones or External Speakers’, and ‘Off.’ The report does not mention whether the feature will work with a lock screen. It will help you save data as well as battery.

AndroidPolice shared the snapshot of the upcoming feature. At the moment, it’s not clear how people will react to the feature. As there are hardly any shows/movies that can be enjoyed without visuals.

It is a server-side change so you don’t need to do anything. Few Android users already received the feature. As of now, it’s not clear if Netflix will roll out the feature for iOS as well.

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