liquid-mirror telescope NASA

Scientists proposed a liquid-mirror telescope on the moon

A team of scientists has proposed to put a unique liquid-mirror telescope on the lunar surface. The original idea was pitched by a group of scientists in 2007 to NASA.

Liquid-mirror telescope additional details

The large liquid-telescope is called Lunar Liquid Mirror Telescope (LMT) and will be placed at one of the moon’s poles. It will help to understand the formation of early stars before galaxies came together. Many wavelengths of light are blocked by the earth’s atmosphere so it is not possible to observe stars that are farthest away from the earth.

Its aperture will be 328-foot (100 meters) and made from liquid. The liquid will include a silver-coated surface. It will able to capture 100 to 1,000 times fainter than the James Webb Space Telescope. The telescope will be powered by solar panels and operate manually from the earth.

Scientists are preferring a liquid telescope instead of a glass telescope as the former is cheap and easy to transport. The 20-meter diameter Candian liquid-telescope is designed with just $1 million.