landline to mobile phones calls

Why users’ need to add ‘0’ before making any call via landline to mobile

From January 15, next year all users have required to add a ‘0’ prefix in order to make calls from landline to mobile phones. Department of Telecom (DoT) circulated an order on Wednesday stating the same.

The decision is in line with the recommendation of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) that would let free up sufficient numbering for future use.

DOT’s statement regarding landline to mobile calls

“All fixed to mobile calls will be dialed with the prefix ”0” from 15 January 2021,” a statement from the ministry reads. It further adds, “With the freeing up of sufficient numbering resources, more number of connections can be added in future which will be beneficial to the mobile customers at large. The above changes have been done in order to have minimum inconvenience to the subscribers and freeing up essential numbering resources.”

Whenever users will try to dial without the prefix ‘0’ an announcement will be played to add a ‘0’ before the number. There will be no change in dialing plan from mobile-to-fixed, fixed-to-fixed, and mobile-to-mobile phone calls.

In May, this year, TRAI recommended adding ‘0’ before making calls from landline to mobile.