Hayabusa-2 probe mission

Japan’s Hayabusa-2 probe returns to earth with asteroid samples

Last Sunday, the Japanse space agency confirmed that its space probe Hayabusa-2 successfully returned to earth with asteroid samples. The weight of the sample is 0.1 gram and it is from a very special primitive C type of asteroid that rich in water and carbon-containing compounds.

When the Hayabusa-2 mission was launched

The 15-inch capsule with sample entered the earth’s atmosphere at 11:00 PM (IST) and landed at a remote place in South Australia. The mission was launched six years back in December 2014 from asteroid Ryugu.

It is a “rare event in human history”, said, Yuichi Tsuda, project manager of the mission. He further added the sample will help to understand the origin and formation of the universe.

The mission of the Hayabusa-2 Probe is not yet finished. Japanese scientists are planning to extend its mission by more than a decade in which they will target two new asteroids.