Shukrayaan Venus mission

ISRO to launch Shukrayaan Venus mission in 2024

Indian space agency ISRO to launch its first mission to Venus. The mission is called the Shukrayaan Venus mission and will study the Venus planet for 4 years. It will study the planet’s atmosphere and its composition. The mission will include collaborative efforts from Sweden, Russia, France, and Germany.

ISRO was earlier eying for 2023 to launch the Shukrayaan Venus mission but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the space agency has forced to push the launch dates to 2024. The optimum launch window comes every 19 months (when Venus closed to earth). So if somehow, the 2024 launch window would have been missed, then ISRO will launch the mission in 2026.

At the planetary science planning committee, ISRO’s T. Maria Antonita said, ISRO is likely to use GSLV Mk II rocket to launch the Shukrayaan mission. But she said, team, is also evaluating the possibility to use a much powerful GSLV Mk III rocket. It will allow Shukrayyan to carry more monitoring instruments.

Instruments for Shukrayaan Venus mission
  • The spacecraft will carry 7 instruments to study Venus. One of the instruments will be a synthetic aperture radar to study Venus’s surface.
  • Another instrument will be a Venusian Neutrals Analyzer. It will study how Sun’s charged particles interact with Venus.
  • There is one more instrument that will study the planet by analyzing infrared, ultraviolet, and submillimeter wavelengths in Venus’s atmosphere.
  • Shukrayaan will also carry the VIRAL (Venus Infrared Atmospheric Gases Linker) instrument. It is co-developed by the Russian federal space agency Roscosmos.