Google Task Mate

Google Task Mate let you earn money by completing tasks

Google Task Mate is currently in beta in India. It is a paid crowdsourcing app that will allow users to earn money by completing simple tasks. It is spotted by a Reddit user on Google Play Store, as reported by 9to5Google.

Google Task Mate is similar to Google’s Opinion Reward app but instead of Google Play credits, Task Mate will pay in local currency.

How Google Task Mate will work
  • Task Mate will offer a variety of tasks such as “take photos of restaurants”, “transcribe sentences”, “answering surveys”, “record spoken sentences” and many more.
  • All tasks will be categorized into two “Sitting” or “Field Tasks.” But Google can also directly ask the tasks.
  • Users will need to complete tasks in a given time.
  • Some tasks will only require a smartphone but will be more completed and they will need some extra effort and resources.
  • As you complete the task, Google will pay you and later you can cash out the money using an e-wallet app or any other in-app payment service.
How users receive the tasks

Users will receive tasks based on performance “which includes factors such as your accuracy and whether you have previously violated any of our policies, Google wrote.” Once your performance increased or your previous tasks get reviewed then you will get a new task.

Google said data from the tasks such as photos from restaurants will help to improve its mapping service.

The app is available on the Play Store but you can not use it as it required a referral code which is available to the users who are part of the beta.