Chang'e-5 lunar mission

China launches Chang’e-5 lunar mission to bring back lunar rocks

China successfully launched a new mission to bring back rocks and soil samples from the lunar surface. The mission is called Chang’e-5 lunar mission. China named the mission, Chang’e-5, after the ancient Chinese goddess of the moon. It is China’s sixth lunar mission.

When the Chang’e-5 lunar mission was launched

China launched the mission using Long March-5 carrier rocket at 4:30 am Beijing time from Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site in southern Hainan Province. The mission was originally scheduled to launch in 2017 but got delayed due to an engine failure for Long March-5.

What will probe do on lunar surface

The probe will collect around 2kg of soil samples from an unexplored area called, Oceanus Procellarum — or “Ocean of Storms.” The probe is likely to land on the moon on November 28 and will return to earth in mid-December in a capsule. It will collect samples for 1 lunar day (equivalent to 14 earth days).

If China will successful to bring rock and soil samples from the moon’s surface then it will become the third country after the US and USSR to do so. Both the US and USSR achieved the milestone during the 1960s and ’70s.